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Ham Radio Accessories Amplifier Keying Buffers


"Save The Tubes & The Rig"

  We have been designing, choosing and building quality accessories since 1990.  All products we offer are completely tested before they are properly packaged for shipment.  And remember if you have a question you can talk to a real person!  (989-848-2917 eastern.)  And thanks to all who have ordered from me in the past. 
You can send payment to on Paypal account or a Postal Money Order or Cash or personal checks ok but may hold till clear.
  All Products are shipped First Class Mail. 
There is a quantity  shipping discount  and most products shipped same day payment received!  Shipping is for USA only.   Email for quotes for overseas shipping please. Money orders and checks need to be made out to Larry Riley.
Larry R Riley 2104 N Applebee Ln.  Fairview,  Michigan 48621
989 848 2917 (Before 10PM eastern)


Ten Tec Owners Time To Get Wired!  I also make a double cable so two Ten Tec products will band track.  Email for price. Works with Omni 5 Omni 6 and Paragon.

Ten TecŪ 236 Cable (Built by Riley's Accessories)
Allow the 253 Tuner or Herc II Amp to band track! Cable is 3 foot (longer upon request)

Special $59.00 Shipped

Amplifier Keying Relay Buffer "Save The Rig"
Now Available for the Icom IC7000 / IC7200 & Kenwood TS480!

Icom - Kenwood - Yaesu
This product makes interfacing amplifiers to your transceiver a breeze!  It will protect your expensive rig from the damage by the KEYING LINE!  Rated 10Amp @250Vac  5Amp @ 30VDC.
7800,7700,7600,781,775,765,375-A,746,756(all Pros),706,703,840,7000,7200,718 
Kenwood 2000,950,940,930,870,850,830,590,570,480,430,690,140.
 FT 1000D,MP,MK5,990,991,920,840,847,857,897,100, 2000,2000/D models.
 NOTE: the Yaesu FT450 and FT950 FT DX1200  are not supported at this time. Any Yaesu Product with the 10 Pin Mini din plug are not supported. 
NOTE:  Only some Amp Keying Relay Buffers will work with other rigs.  Please email or call for further information. 
One Year limited warranty for orginal purchaser.  Product must be returned for inspection and repair.  Shipping not covered.
$41.30 Shipped
Overall cord length is 6 foot.

Larry R Riley* 2104 N Applebee Ln.* Fairview * MI * 48621
989 848 2917 (Before 10PM eastern)